In Another Universe

You, Me and the Harmony

“Johannesburg-based pop rock band You, Me and the Harmony is turning heads in the alternative rock scene with their vocally clean, yet powerful female-fronted sound. By drawing from the likes of Paramore and Yellowcard for inspiration, these alternative rockers are carving a solid spot for themselves within the very genres the aforementioned musical acts of influence are established in.”

 – Texx And The City

The YMATH Space tee


The Merch Matters movement has always been a close part of Pins & Knuckles Merch.  With their motto being to help sustain an industry we love and care for, they take supporting the music industry very seriously.

What is happening in the music industry is a tragedy that we all need to adapt to for the foreseeable future.  Out of this, the Merch Matters store opened up as a way for everyone to support their favorite band and crew.

Buy the YMATH Space Tee here and help us sustain an industry we all cannot live without!

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